About Us

Asalcom Sdn Bhd, hereinafter referred as ASALCOM, was established in the year 2016 with its head office located in Subang Jaya.

Its primary business is in the distribution and supplying of two-way radio communication within Malaysia. In addition, ASALCOM also offers services such as telecommunication systems integration, two-way radio systems consultancy, and rental/repairing/servicing of two-way radios.

Organizational Structure

ASALCOM main focus is to serve the requirements of the telecommunications market. In general, the staffing of the company is structured into sales & marketing section to handle all the daily distributions and supplying of telecommunication equipment, and technical section to provide all the technical backup and after-sales services. This simple but efficient organizational structure is to ensure and to work in-line with the company’s mission of providing and satisfying customers in telecommunication needs and services.

As two-way radios are basically technical tools, providing a customer with correct and sound knowledge of two-way radio is essential. Therefore all sales and technical personnel of ASALCOM are fully trained to ensure the practice of professionalism during the interaction with customers so that customers’ satisfaction is guaranteed.